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SysEng (Singapore) Pte Ltd was established in January 1994. The SysEng company name is derived from Systems Engineering. We engineer from Systems Level down to Component Level in our approach.

A specialist electric & electronic contractor specialized in factory test & automation system, freight tracking system, and remote real time monitoring System. The systems are developed based on the most updated technologies of M2M (Machine to Machine), wireless communication and internet and intelligent sensors. SysEng is the founding member in M2M consortium, Singapore Industrial Automation Association.

Our Mission
Delivering the Right Data of the Right Quality, at the Right Time, to the Right Person to make the Right Decision with the Right Price

Advantages of choosing our Products & Services

Reduce Setup & Operational Cost
Seamless Integration
One-Stop Total Solution
Tritech Group Ltd (Tritech), a unit of Tritech International Holdings Pte Ltd acquired SysEng (S) Pte Ltd on 29-June-2009
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